East Yorkshire - Green Open Homes

21 - 28 Nov 2015

This is the first Green Open Homes events in East Yorkshire. We want to make this a success and run more events like this next year, so please register your interest to visit homes in the county. You will be assured of a warm welcome!

8 homes

Energy-saving improvements key

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    Low-cost improvements
  • 'Big' insulation works
    'Big' insulation works
  • Glazing
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    Lighting systems and electrical appliances
  • High spec heating
    High spec heating
  • Renewables: heat
    Renewables: heat
  • Renewables: electricity
    Renewables: electricity
  • Water management
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  • Sustainable building materials
    Sustainable building materials
  • Lifestyle change
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Please note that this event has now finished.


The events (8) will take place across East Yorkshire on 21st and 28th November 2015. We have range of homes and technologies for visitors to see in the 10 homes that are available to see including three at one location.

Anyone who is interested in coming along to the events in November is asked to contact Peter Hirschfeld on either 01652 637700 or eter.hirschfeld@hwrcc.org.uk

If anyone would like to open their home to the public, please contact Matt Lewer - Matt.Lewer@eastriding.gov.uk or ring (01482) 396113

The first event will take place on 21st November visiting three Straw Bale homes near Howden, a cottage that has been extensive retro fitted with a range of technologies including internal insulation and solar panels in Eastrington. We will then go my minibus to North Ferriby to see a modern semi which has solar panels and a wood burning stove. Interest will be around the amount of electricity generated in view of equipment in the house. We are putting on a minibus to take visitors to the venues  If you would like to come along and visit the homes to learn more about the use of straw bale construction methods and other installations, please see the above telephone number to book a place. Visitors cannot just turn up on the day unannounced.

The second weekend on 28th November will visit a Superhome; a old 1920 house which has been extensively retro fitted with internal insulation and zone heating. After lunch we will visit a new build with Bio Mass heating, solar panels and a wild flower roof to the garage, plus interesting grey water recovery system. The final home will be in Swanland again with an old listed house which uses a ground source heat pump, solar panels, wood burning stove and again large amounbts of internal insulation which has had to be done on top of the existing plaster because of the listed status.

There will also be an option to visit a Hemp House at Brandesburton in the afternoon of 28th Nov. This is offered as an option for those coming on the 28th tour, but will require them to drive to the venue. This house has been extensively publicised locally in the Yorkshire Post and The Journal, a local glossy magazine. This will showcase another alternative construction method using renewable materials. The owner farms the hemp he uses to build homes. He used a log burning bio mass boiler to heat the house, bplus other interesting innovations.

We hope that this will provide an interesting chance to meet and discuss with those who have installed green technologies, to learn from their experience and knowledge which is very extensive.


Get in touch / find out more

 Peter Hirschfeld - Tel 01652 637700 - Email:  peter.hirschfeld@hwrcc.org.uk

Matt Lewer - Tel 01482 396113 or Matt.Lewer@eastriding.gov.uk



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